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Best Music to Program to

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Best Music to Program to

– by John La
Programming is an art and art requires inspiration. For the Funny Garbage development team, music is our source of inspiration. Here are a few of our favorites!

John Williams Soundtracks

Familiar tunes and instrumentals really allow for a flexible and relaxed mind.


Deadmau5’s signature slow build up on nearly every track really lets the programmer settle into his/her thoughts and build up into a fury of code.

Bryson Andres

Bryson Andres is a young artist I recently discovered on YouTube. He lives in Alaska but travels widely to play (mostly in the street) his special brand of electric violin. Like art, it is hard to pin down what makes his style so endearing. It’s a great blend of new school flair and old school strings. Bryson specializes in building up a big sound slowly except he does it with only one violin!
Above is his busking session but he has an album available for download:

Original Movie Soundtracks

Similar to John Williams, familiar tunes can spark past memories and motivate an inspired programming session!


Pandora Mozart or Bach and you’ll have a great mix of classical songs. Classical music is a proven to improve spatial reasoning. (source: The Mozart Effect)

Silence / White Noise

It is golden and might work best for you.