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Crayola Story Studio Website

Thumbnail of zoom in on Story Studio website
Cover of customized story book


Project Description: 

Create a Custom Coloring Book Staring YOU

Crayola approached Funny Garbage to create an application to create your own personalized comic book story featuring YOU and a co-star of your choice such as Spider Man, Princesses, and Cars! By uploading your photo and selecting different branching narratives, the user creates a customized comic book which can then be printed out and colored in using Crayola markers and crayons!

Step 1, Create a Character: Customize your face
One of the ways to create a character is with this fun to use interface leveraging Crayola's existing artwork.
Step 1, Create a Character: Color your character
The last step of creating a character is to color it.
Step 2, Make a Story: Choose a story
The activity features multiple themes. The page background and story assets reflect each theme.
Cover of customized story book
When done, you can view your customized Story Studio comic. This is the cover.
Inside of customized story book
Here is an example of one of the coloring pages for your Story Studio comic book.
Story Studio before Funny Garbage redesign
This is the original Story Studio activity. We innovated to use the Crayola logo shape as the interface design.
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