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Curious George

Curious George: Art and Music Creation Tools
Curious George: Finger-paint with George Game Screen

Project Description: 

HTML5 Art and Music Creation Tools

Funny Garbage created this popular series of Curious George creation tools for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt using HTML5 canvas element with JavaScript. These games inspire kids to be interested in and experiment with art and music.


Animal Dance Party: a music assembly game with George and his friends


Finger-paint with George: a drawing game where kids use fingers, handprints, footprints, and other tools to create unique art.


George's Paintbox: a drawing activity that is themed with Georges topic of the day. 

Curious George: Finger-paint with George Game Screen
Finger-paint with George is a free-form drawing activity where children can paint with fingers, handprints, or footprints, customizing their art with a pallet. When children stop drawing, George jumps in and starts drawing with them. The custom-created eraser tool is specifically designed to remove entire brush strokes each time, making it easier for preschoolers to use. Children can save the artwork or print it out after they are finished.
Curious George: George's Paintbox Game Screen
George’s Paintbox is another drawing activity with even more advanced tools. In addition to a custom eraser and more colors and sizes, the pallet comes with Curious George stickers and stamps that can be placed on the canvas, scaled and rotated. Each stamp contains an exciting array of images that allow the kid to use the tool like a paint gun. Like Finger-paint with George, site editors can add new themes and art elements, and kids can save and print their artwork.
Curious George: Animal Dance Party Game Screen
In Animal Dance Party, children are invited to record a song with George and his animal friends. As players select an animal, it dances on the screen and plays a tune. They can select multiple animals at the same time to layer more sounds to the song, record a session, and play it back.
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