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Knoll Website


Project Description: 

Knoll Website

Knoll approached FG to create a complex online presence for its vast furniture business. The end result was a single business system that tightly integrates all aspects of Knoll’s operation.

The site was conceived through leading-edge information design and technology to serve as a single integrated business communication system, enabling a vast amount of information to be exchanged among Knoll employees, dealers, customers and suppliers. Beyond the intricate functionality of the site, we were able to translate the traditional high design of the Knoll brand onto the Internet. FG preserved the company’s strong brand identity, while giving it a fresh appearance appropriate for the digital world.

The unique, single-platform technology strategy addresses the needs of Knoll’s clients, especially the large corporate customer who seeks easier methods to procure office furnishings. FG worked closely with Knoll to fully synthesize its existing database of products so its sales representatives can provide better service to clients and manage their workload in a more efficient and responsive manner.

While this was primarily a behind-the-scenes operation, every Knoll customer felt the results as the company was able to serve them more effectively. The newly unified system gave Knoll a tremendous advantage over competitors, most of whom were still operating with multiple, disjointed back-end systems.

Their homepage is just as functional as their chairs!
Apple is to orange as Knoll is to orange!
Introducing Upstart @!
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