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Project Description:

To promote the launch of her signature record label MonarC, and her album, Charmbracelet, Funny Garbage was asked to create a fresh online presence for Mariah Carey on the Web, updating her image in conjunction with her new release.

By 2002, Mariah Carey has since become the best-selling female performer of all time, with an incredible fifteen #1 singles and two Grammy Awards. One of the goals of her new site was to connect with fans and offer a glimpse into her life and personality. Mariah was eager to use the interactive medium of the Internet to bond with fans and share her thoughts and feelings with the music lovers who have supported her spectacular career.

Featuring a new single and video, as well as two songs exclusively released on, Mariah’s signature website offered “all things Mariah” – from interactive Q & A sessions with the superstar, to photo galleries, lyrics and fun interactive games. Utilizing Mariah’s term of endearment, “lamb,” FG created the “What Kind of Lamb Are You?” interactive quiz in Flash, with five custom-design lamb characters. Sharing in-depth personal information, sections of the site were designed to highlight her unique personality, such as “Mariahisms” – her unique lingo that those close to her cherish.

Mariah fans, this homepage is for you!
All Mariah. All the time.
A page just for Mariah's fans!
Listen to any of Mariah's songs!
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