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Red Hot + Bach: Reinventing the Music Experience

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Project Description: 

iPad App with Music & Visualization Technology

Engaging an app enabled audience with user centric music tools and experiences.


The Red Hot + Bach iPad App is a part of a larger media project to explore contemporary influences of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Designed to inspire, inform, and connect with a modern audience, the app is for both kids and adults.


With a goal to present music in a new way, the app is custom coded to to analyze the musical frequencies of 16 music tracks. Based on these dynamics, the app displays painterly visuals and animations that interact with the sound.  


“Play” encourages users to interact with the music, changing visuals or creating their own abstract designs in tune with the music. A control panel allows for customization of brushes and colors.


“Perform,” turns the user into a composer, offering tools to manipulate and alter the music through touch interaction. The musical artists delivered their tracks as separate stems which can be mixed by the user to create new compositions.


“Discover” contains lots of multimedia goodies including an illustrated video of Bach’s life and a video tribute to Paul Jacobs. While watching a video of the Kronos Quartet perform, . the user can select different versions of the track recorded using four different technologies: digital, analogue tape, 78rpm lathe and wax cylinder.

Red Hot + Back Title Screen
Listen and interact with Bach’s music in a totally new and immersive way.
Red Hot + Back Play Screen
The “Play” section allows you to hear great Bach recordings while you create abstract drawings inspired by the music.
Red Hot + Back Perform Screen
The “Perform” section let’s you interact and transform the music by manipulating different layers while adding and subtracting different instruments.
Red Hot + Back Discover Screen
The “Discover” section featuers an illustrated life of Bach, the Kronos Quartet performing in Edison’s original recording studio onto wax cylinder and more!
iPad App with Music & Visualization Technology