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Ruckus Andrew Answers App

Project Description: 

Andrew Creates a Ruckus!

Andrew Answers is the Hooked On Phonics of today. Ruckus Media Group connected Funny Garbage with Alan Katz to create an interactive children’s book application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Andrew Answers was written by children’s author and television writer Alan Katz and narrated by the fun voice of Marc Summers. In the story, Andrew takes a trip to the principal’s office, the mayor’s office and eventually ends up in the oval office.

This application makes reading fun for children, ages 5-10, through games, as well as interactive elements and animations. As the narration begins, children can read along with the text and touch different objects to see animations like an apple getting eaten or a globe spinning. The first challenge for children is to help Andrew get through a maze to find his way to the principal’s office. They can choose easy, hard, or skip the challenge all together.

The application takes advantage of the iOS platform on the iPad with touch and tilt. Tilt is used to guide Andrew to the principal’s office or a car to a specific space.

Funny Garbage’s ability to take the best of traditional media and infusing it with interactive technologies to create new forms of entertainment earned 4 out 5 stars from Common Sense News and finalist standing for the 2010 Best Apps Ever award.

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  • Tablet Compatible
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