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School of Visual Arts 2004 Website

Screenshot of the SVA interface
The landing page rotator for SVA

Project Description: 

Getting Arty with School of Visual Arts

The FG team initiated the project by meeting with key project stakeholders, including decision-makers from each department and the Admissions and Administrative arms of the school. We then developed an overall strategy and concept for the site that balanced the diverse needs of each group.

FG’s graphic designers and Flash animators collaborated with SVA’s management and art directors to create a graphically stunning, intuitive, and easily maintainable site that is rich in content and attractive to potential students. We developed a distinctive color-coded site design that allowed each division of the school to have a unique identity while simultaneously working within coherent brand aesthetic.

FG applied its custom CMS solution to address SVA’s requirements of publishing multiple sites via one integrated management interface. Along with publishing multiple sites, all manner of asset re-use, display templates and user management are controlled via the CMS. FG’s solution will allow SVA to control their site’s look and feel as it changes and evolves in years to come as well as to add and manage new content as their needs change.

The 3 tiered landing page rotator for SVA
The Flash homepage title card viewer takes three pieces of content that can be collapsed or expanded at your whim
An example of a program overview page for a graduate program at SVA
Site sections each have their own colors to add variety to your experience
An example of one of the SVA's 2004 websites repeating backgrounds
The page background were hand crafted adding personality. They too adhere to the variety in the overall site experience.
SVA school website before the Funny Garbage redesign
We agreed that SVA needed a makeover in 04...
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