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TeenNick / The N Avatar Mall App

Display of the Landing page for the Avatar Mall
Display of the Landing page for the Avatar Mall

Project Description: 

Get Yer Kicks! TeenNick Goes Shopping at the Avatar Mall

FG helped (now known as TeenNick) create a richer user experience through a rebrand of the Avi Mall application and the introduction of an interactive avatar customization flash component that now includes full body avatars. To create a more efficient workflow for The N staff, FG modified the Avi Mall back-end CMS to allow for flexibility in organizing the mall through the use of a tagging system. FG also created an “on-ramp” feature that entices users to create their own avatar while exploring other offerings on The N site in hopes of transitioning users to become registered users.

FG’s User Experience and Flash Development team worked together to create a custom flash interface that let’s users view purchased items, try on different outfits with layering combinations, and eventually wear their outfit or save it for later. The end result was a fuller experience that acted as a sort of “dressing room” which allowed users to quickly switch between preset “outfits” while also having the ability to export their avatar for use on other sites such as AIM, MySpace, & Facebook.

Display of the Landing page for the Avatar Mall
Avi Mall is its own world complete with fun stores and categories!
A detailed closeup of a scene from the Avatar Mall experience.
Check out the graffiti detail!
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