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Thomas & Friends Kids Website

Thomas & Friends Kids Website
Thomas & Friends Kids Landing Page


Project Description: 

Mobile-First Walled Garden for Preschoolers

As the counterpart to the Thomas & Friends parents website, Funny Garbage partnered with Mattel, HiT Entertainment and Fisher Price in revolutionizing the world of preschooler websites, with the creation of the official Thomas & Friends kids website. 2015 Marks the 70th anniversary of Thomas & Friends which ties in with the launch of a total makeover of the official Thomas & Friends international online presence.

FG innovated a website that feels and performs like an app for this mobile-first, rich-media, multimedia, interactive experience that serves as a walled garden aimed at two to four year old children. Cinematic in it's design and animation the website offers an immersive trip into the world of Sodor, creating a strong connection between the characters and the audience.

Having a parents hub that is independent of the kids website allowed FG to really focus on an optimal experience that is tailored to a toddlers developmental capabilities and understanding of interactive media. The website is free of advertising and has minimal text for this pre-literate audience. The experience is child focused with a view to parental assistance and is designed to take the weight off parent involvement.

Developed in HTML5 and pushing the limits of technology, particularly on mobile, the website is linked to a complex back-end publishing system that facilitates localization for 25 countries.

Thomas & Friends Kids Tentpole Promotion Page
An immersive rich-media HTML 5 landing page that can be themed to promote theatrical releases throughout the year
Thomas & Friends Games Page
The games section scales as new content is launched
Thomas & Friends Videos Page
Videos are served via a YouTube channel, but seamlessly appear in the walled garden of the kids site
Thomas & Friends Engines Landing Page
With a mobile-first, tablet optimized approach, the engines landing page entices children to explore their favorite characters
Thomas & Friends Engines Detail Page
Children can meet their favorite friends in their world, with html5 animated transitions that bring the characters to life
Thomas & Friends Mobile
The website is designed and coded to work well on smaller screens
Thomas & Friends Old Website
The original site was not aimed only at kids and was in need of an overhaul
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  • Desktop
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Mobile Compatible