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Thomas & Friends: King of the Railways

Thomas, The Fat Controller, Percy, and James
Knapford Station on Mobile


Project Description: 

HTML5 Destination Website & Games

Based on the success of the Thomas & Friends Blue Mountain Mystery Movie destination website from 2012, HIT Entertainment commisioned FG to create an even more exciting experience for the 2013 DVD release, versioned for multiple global locales (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Holland, and Germany).

Like the previous year's experince, this one also rolls out over the course of the summer and fall leading up to the release of the DVD and the availability of a range of new toys and products for sale. 

FG pushed the limits of HTML5 ensuring an audio rich, animated website while enhancing the destination site experience by adding an interactive map of the Isle of Sodor where users can discover and explore multiple destinations, with the introduction of a badge earning system. Badges are earned by the consumption of key pieces of content; Games, Videos, Hidden Destinations and meeting new characters. 


Thomas & Friends Knapford Sation
On arrival at Knapford, "Sodor's busiest station!", users can access videos, printables, earn badges or go and explore the island of Sodor.
Thomas & Friends Map of Sodor
The map features multiple destinations that are revealed over the course of the year. Each one unique, showcasing new characters, videos, printables and games.
Thomas & Friends Video player
This is the video player and videos thumbnail carousel. The carousel grows as new videos are added to the destination site over a period of time.
Thomas & Friends Badge Overlay
Badges are earned for multiple interactions and can be shared on Facebook or Twitter, or downloaded as a printable coloring in page.
Thomas & Friends Interactive Booklet
An interactive booklet is featured in the UK version of the website.
Thomas & Friends Homepage Facelift
The original Thomas & Friends homepage received a facelift that keeps up with the roll out of content on the new destination site.
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